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Karma Go, one year review

I take a look at the Karma Go for use as a foreign traveller to the US and a alternative option for getting access to the internet everywhere when travelling in the USA.

Almost a year ago, I got the Karma Go and I have been traveling a few times since then and used it  to avoid roaming fees on my cell phone and as an alternative to spotty hotel WiFi coverage. So has it worked for me?

Addams Family Pinball Repair - Part 2, The conclusion

In this part 2, I get the spare parts and I attempt to replace the transistor that drives the flasher bulbs on top of the back box. Until now, the repairs I have performed on pinball machines have only been mechanical.

Addams Family Pinball Repair - Part 1 of 2, The Transistor

I try to find a faulty transistor in my Addams Family Pinball machine so I can get the lightning flashing again. 

The world would be a sad place without gadgets to tinker with.

The record low water level at lake Mead

In this video, I revisit Hoover dam to take some pictures and video, go on a tour and to take a look at the record low water level that has triggered a "level 1 water shortage declaration". I compare the water level between a visit in late 2013 and early 2016.

The weekend at the race

From the weekend at the  ADAC Zurich 2016 24-hour race.

(I wanted to have made this sooner, but for the first time in years I have been sick.)

Solar Power

I have a photovoltaic installation on my roof and I keep a close eye on it. I have written a few small programs in Python to log data into a database and display some of it. This is a live graph of the output for the last 24 hours. Updated every 10 minutes between 05 and 22. Click on graph  below for more detailed information. 

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