I 2003, I had some spare time and decided I wanted to make something in Flash. So I wrote my version of the classic breakout game. 

At the time, flash had  features like collision detection between objects but it was only slightly useful because it could only react on a hit, not tell me where they collided. So I had to write my own add-on to figure out where the ball it the bricks in order to calculate the correct trajectory. I have never been good at graphics so it’s not very pretty.

The game also had a web backend with a high-score function(now defunct because I do not want to dig out the old code an install the database again :D), but I managed to find the old .swf file so give it a try.

Inspired by some Japanese coin-up arcade games, I made a more adult version of it, with licensed pictures of course. It is still playable on Newgrounds although the highscore list no longer functions. Warning NSFW if you get past the first level. :) 

I wrote a few other simple games etc at that time but have never written anything else in flash since.

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